Escaping Dental Phobia With A Sleep Dentist

Escaping Dental Phobia With A Sleep Dentist

Dentists may be admired for the admirable work they perform. This does not mean, however, they are universally liked. Some individuals have a phobia of dentistry in general. Others are anxious when they sit down in a dental chair. Some realize the work they will require is going to be extensive and they cannot stand the thought of any pain as a result. Until recently, little thought has been given to these individuals. Today, they can avoid any fear, anxiety or related matters by working with a sleep dentist.

Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is part of a wider area of specialty in dentistry called sedation dentistry. The difference between most means of sedation and sleep dentistry is the degree of consciousness. In most forms of sedation dentistry, the patient is conscious on one level or another. This is not the case for those who undergo sleep dentistry treatments.

In sleep dentistry, a qualified and specially trained and licensed dentist gives the patient a general anesthetic. It may involve direct injection of a specific drug. This, essentially, induces a deep sleep. The sleep dentist then performs the necessary dental work while, the patient slumbers through the entire process. Upon waking, the patient must remain in the office until allowed to leave. In most instances, he or she must be accompanied to ensure safe arrival at home.

Contact a Sleep Dentist

If you shudder at the thought of seeing a dentist or if you are avoiding a dental visit because you are hyperventilating at even the thought, you now have a viable alternative. Sedation dentistry can address some of these issues while ensuring you retain a healthy smile. If you have an actual phobia or require extensive dental work, do contact a specialist in this field – a sleep dentist. He or she can arrange for you to learn what it is all about and how it can help you.

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