Entrance Doors For Commercial Businesses

Many professional properties and even retail businesses are re-purposing older residential homes for offices and smaller types of specialty and boutique stores. In addition, more and more new commercial properties are designed to blend into existing neighborhoods, which provide businesses with the option of choosing from a range of beautifully designed entrance doors.

A standard office building or commercial property typically will use glass double doors. However, when you have your own commercial building you can opt for more than traditional entrance doors.

Options for these types of unique entrance doors may range from choosing beautiful rustic looking Knotty Alder doors or perhaps selecting a classic Craftsman door. You can also opt for a hand carved door complete with your company logo or a unique design, or you may want to consider double arched doors which will add elegance to the front of your building.

What to Consider

Selecting carefully designed entrance doors to send a message to clients and customers is important. By taking the time to customize a door or to choose a beautiful, rich looking wood door you send a message of care, attention to detail and real pride in your business.

Size and type of entrance doors will be an important decision. Double doors are ideal for retail outlets or for buildings with heavier traffic. They are perfect for restaurants, cafés and bistros as well as for upscale evening entertainment venues.

Solid or Windows

Depending on the style of entrance doors you select you may want to add to the look of openness and welcome by choosing doors with caming and wrought iron designs in the windows and the doors. Not only does this add to the style of the door but it also can tie in nicely with the interior design and theme of the office, restaurant or venue.

Another popular option is to choose solid entrance doors and then add sidelights and a transom to frame the door. This is a very classic and traditional option and grill work can be added to both the sidelights and transom for added security.

The many different styles of entrance doors for a commercial property allow for individualization of any business. With three point or multipoint locking systems, they are highly secure and safe, provide outstanding security and are also designed to last as long as the building, which makes them a terrific investment.

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