Ensure Your New Home is a Worthwhile Purchase With Help From a Home Inspector in Chicago

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Pest Control

Considering that your home is one of the largest purchases you will ever have it makes sense to ensure the property has no hidden surprises. This is one reason why most creditors require the house be checked by a qualified Home Inspector in Chicago before you can finalize the sale. Home inspections cover a huge variety of concerns from electrical wiring to roofing conditions. Part of their benefit derives from the fact that the inspection is more than a visual survey. A home inspector will get deep inside the home to verify every little detail. For example, they will crawl inside even the tightest attic spaces just to be sure there are no long term leaks. Such leaks are visible by the water stains they leave behind.

The electrical wiring in the home is a major concern when you have the home inspected. This is especially true with an older house where the electrical system may use thin copper or aluminum wires. Older aluminum wiring from the sixties and seventies can present some serious concerns. Unfortunately, it can also be an expensive repair when you need to have the wire replaced. Even worse, this is not a repair for the average home handyman because household wiring is a complex network of receptacles, light sockets and switches. Each specific circuit requires a particular breaker size and one wrong connection could lead to disaster.

Another area where a Home Inspector In Chicago is important is the foundation or basement. Foundation problems are notoriously expensive and are sometimes difficult to diagnose. An experienced inspector can make a thorough examination of the home’s foundation because they know where to look for problems and which signs are important. To check the foundation the inspector will need to examine both the outside areas of the home as well as under the crawl space.

In homes that have basements the inspector will need to check the walls for signs of moisture or damage and examine any sump systems. The sump is a basin that accumulates water seepage or water collected in a French drain. This occurs when homes are built over moist soil or high water tables. For this system to work properly it needs a certain type of drain and a working pump system. As you can see there are a lot of things to check which is why it is important to hire only the best inspector available.

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