Ensure Employees and Customers Stay Dry By Using Roofing Contractors in Seattle

Ensure Employees and Customers Stay Dry By Using Roofing Contractors in Seattle

If you own a business, the last thing you want to worry about is a leaking roof. Unfortunately, roofing problems occur whether you are ready for them or not. Commercial roofing falls into two basic categories: pitched or sloped roofs, and low sloped or flat roofing. Pitched roofs are similar to the roof on a home, but they can be covered with steel sheets or timbers and shingles. Flat roofs, which aren’t actually level, are made from a layer of decking covered with felt roofing, a layer of tar or pitch, and an aggregate. Low sloped roofs are very popular on commercial buildings because they allow for easy installation of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment.

When your commercial roof begins to leak, it is time to search for some experienced Roofing Contractors Seattle. An improper repair can result in more problems later on. For instance, attempting to patch a leak with hot tar may solve the problem temporarily, but it could result in the leak moving to another area because the tar is forcing the water into other locations. Generally, when your low sloped roof begins to leak, it is time to have the whole roof resealed. This ensures all the seams are properly sealed and the roofing is fresh. Plus, the roofer ensures the aggregate is properly spread, which helps protect the roof. Visit the site to know more info.

Commercial, pitched roofs tend to suffer the same problems as homes. The shingles can dry out or the sealant around vents and flashing can crack. This is why many commercial buildings tend to use steel roofing. Steel provides a long-term roofing solution that weathers well. If you happen to have asphalt roofing, you can still opt for steel. Modern, zinc galvanized steel can be installed over asphalt roofing. This is the perfect solution to eliminate roofing concerns and make your business look great. You can get steel roofing in a variety of styles including simulated asphalt, wood shake, clay tiles and more. Plus, you can match the color of the roof to your building. Don’t let your customers or employees deal with a leaking building. If you need Roofing Contractors Seattle, it is time to contact the experts at Northwestern Roof Service Inc.

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