Engraved Plaques, Trophies and Awards in Upland CA

Engraved Plaques, Trophies and Awards in Upland CA

Do you need gifts, signs, screen printing, promo items, or Awards in Upland CA? If so you may want to Contact Engrave N Embroider which is a family owned business that specializes in unique products for various businesses. For example, you can order embroidered polos for your office personnel and executives. You may also want to purchase promotional items such as coffee mugs, key chains, letter openers, pens, pencils, totes, hand sanitizers, and a whole lot more. These promo items serve as repeat advertising, because every time a person drinks from a mug or uses a pen with your logo, they see the advertising for your company.

Embroidery has been described as art with a needle in that it involves decorating fabric with yarn or threads and a needle. The handicraft dates back to the 5th century BC. Over the centuries, elaborately embroidered items became a symbol of wealth and high status in many cultures. Today single items may be embroidered or a huge bulk order can be identically embroidered. The main items that are embroidered include jackets, hats, blankets, backpacks, uniforms, and more. There is no problem in setting up your business logo to be embroidered. The logo is digitized so that it can be formatted for the threads. Experts on staff can help with thread color selection as well as size and placement.

Engraving is a process whereby a design is incised onto a surface by cutting grooves into the surface. Evidence of engraving goes back 60,000 years to the Middle Stone Age! Modern techniques use laser engraving and photoengraving. Other methods used include sand blasting and use of a diamond tipped engraver for the hardest surfaces. Lasers can be used on wood, plastic, leather, coated metal, acrylic, glass, and many more. Rotary engraving may be used for watches, rings, brass metal and more.

There are many different types of plaques and Awards in Upland CA to choose from. You can choose from sport plaques designed to award the coaches, sponsors, parents, and of course, the players. The most popular sports for awards include baseball, soccer, football, basketball, hockey, softball, wrestling, and many more. Corporate awards serve to increase brand recognition while awarding employees, business partners, and clients for a job well done. You can also order participation trophies as well as championship trophies that are all engraved to your specs.

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