Encitas AC Repair: How to Maintain Your AC

Your AC should remain in good condition for it to serve you better. To maintain a stable condition and avoid constant Encinitas AC Repair you should ensure that you perform maintenance services on it regularly. If you are too busy, you can have a professional’s help who can visit on a scheduled basis to perform the services. Below are some of the maintenance tips that you should perform on your AC appliance.

Clean it

Dust and debris on your AC might lead to its failure. Ensure that you observe regular cleaning even in the seasons you do not use it. You might need professional help or advice so that you can know how to clean the coils, outside and inside components of the appliance. Before you commence on any cleaning, ensure that you turn the AC off and unplug it from the power supply to avoid electrocution.

Change the Air Filters

Dirty filters may block airwaves entering the AC which might lead to overheating or breakdown. They also enhance circulation of stuffy and dirty air in the house. There are washable filters and others that can only be disposed. Make sure that you change or wash your filters every 30 to 60 days for improved efficiency.

Clear Ways for the Vent

Ensure that there are no obstacles blocking the vents and preventing proper circulation of air from the outside. If you must plant trees, do it at a safe distance that will not come in the way of the vents. If there are any obstacles, the AC will overwork as it tries to collect enough air to circulate which in turn will skyrocket the energy bills.

Protect the Condenser

The condenser does all the hard work from outside. For it to work properly, you should protect it from direct sun rays as this overworks it.Plant trees or obstacles that will block direct sun rays from the condenser at a distance that will not hinder the AC’s airflow cycle.

If you have other means that you can use to cool your house like using curtains to block sun rays, you are advice to use them. This prevents the condenser from overworking hence no need for frequent Encinitas AC Repair. For more information visit domain URL.

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