Eliminate Sewage Problems With Superior Sewer Repair in Philadelphia

Sewage backups are some of the worst plumbing problems to deal with because the liquid that enters the home can seriously damage the structure. To make the situation even worse, the gunk from the tainted water is almost impossible to eliminate, which means that cleanup could require the replacement or repair of various aspects of the building. Of course, this sort of problem may be avoided if the property owner pays close attention to the way the pipes drain. A slow draining tub or shower is a good indicator that the pipes are clogged or damaged. If this problem occurs throughout the building, then there is a high chance that the system needs expert sewer repair in Philadelphia.

There are many areas where the sewer can clog, but the more common location for problems is the main line that connects the home to the municipal treatment system or local septic tank. To locate the fault, the plumber will use a few tools, but the two most common are the pipe snake and the video snake. These tools use a long, flexible cable that allows the snake to reach deep into the pipe. The way the tools are used will depend on the type of problem. For example, a damaged pipe may require a Sewer Repair in Philadelphia that replaces the broken joint or connection. This type of problem is easily visible when using a video snake.

If the issue is caused by a clog, then the plumber will need to use the pipe snake to clean the system. A pipe snake uses an attached auger to pierce through the clog and force enough of the waste aside so that the liquid can flow again. If the clog is extremely challenging or the pipes are seriously dirty, then the experts may suggest the use of a pressure washer to clean them out. Pressure washing or hydro-jet systems are high-pressure cleaners that work much like the systems found in a car wash. Cleaning the pipes is the best way to prevent future clogs and can be done as often as the situation requires.

Not all sewer problems are caused by waste blockages. In fact, some issues are related to breaks in the pipe. These breaks may be due to shift pipes, damages from getting run over, or separation due to plant roots. Visit us City Plumbing for more details about cleaning or repair of sewer systems.

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