Eliminate Leaks With Expert Roof Repair in Honolulu

Eliminate Leaks With Expert Roof Repair in Honolulu

One of the great things about living in Honolulu is all the wonderful sunshine. Unfortunately, the weather can turn ugly very quickly and this can wreak havoc on a roof. Consider the case of a residential roof covered with older asphalt shingles. High winds can rip away loose shingles or tear them so that the roof begins leaking. Roof repair in Honolulu can eliminate the damage by replacing any missing or torn shingles. Alternately, the roofer can tear off the old roofing and replace it with a more reliable product. Homeowners can choose from a variety of roofing options including laminated or composite asphalt shingles, galvanized or coated steel, custom fitted copper, fiber-cement tiles and simulated shake products. Each material provides the home with a specific look so a little time may be required when making the decision.

Commercial roofing comes in various types as well. The most common of these is the flat or low-sloped roof and this sort of roof can be made using various materials and techniques. For example, the flat roof can use the BUR (built up roofing) system, which is multiple layers of roofing felt or a similar membrane covered with asphalt. BUR is then topped with an aggregate such as gravel to provide weight and some degree of protection. Roof Repair in Honolulu for a building using BUR can be a patch over the damaged area or an additional layer over the whole roof. The latter tends to be more work, but the results are more reliable. Other flat roof options include polymer sheets such as TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and a synthetic rubber known as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer).

Metal roofing can be found on both residential roofs and commercial ones and typically uses steel. The available steel roofing options include long panels that interconnect with standing seams and a variety of stamped sheet products that can resemble most other roofing types. Standing seam panels are normally treated with a zinc/aluminum galvanized coating for corrosion resistance. Stamped products tend to have a metallic coating over the raw metal for protection and a baked on paint to make them beautiful and durable. Contact us to learn more about roofing solutions in Hawaii.

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