Electronic Descaling: the Most Recommended Water Softener Alternate

Water softener technologies have changed over the decades. Instead of the expense and mess of traditional water softeners requiring continuous maintenance, and expensive chemicals and salts, plumbers now recommend electronic descaling systems as a water softener alternate. Depending on the level of hard water found in an area, conventional water softeners can vary in their effectiveness once installed. With electronic water descaling systems, the exact measure of intervention is sustained during the mitigation process reducing metal ionization to zero.

What is Electronic Descaling?

The application of an electro-magnetic charge into a building’s plumbing system mitigates deleterious and unhealthy accumulation of metal density leading to hard water. Installation of an electronic descaler at the location of a building water main, inserts a coil into the water designed to generate wave frequencies that alter the original chemical state of the water.

Once electronic descaling has been conducted, mineral ions attach themselves solely to the water rather than other metal deposits or surfaces. If a water system is undergoing rapid lime scale accumulation, electronic descaling is not the water softener alternate, but the first recommendation. In order to reduce metal ions suspended in a water supply at the molecular level, electronic descaling is required.

How to Know if a Water System Requires Descaling

The hard water effect caused by lime scale deposits may be evidenced in calcium carbonate and other mineral deposits adhering as residue to bath and kitchen fixtures and basins. Plumbing systems with a high level of lime scale build-up can result in extensive corrosion and even galvanization of pipes, tubes, and faucets. The effect of mineral ionization untreated by electronic descaling is often associated with higher utility bills and investment in new appliances and equipment before end of product lifecycle.

While there is no error free method of rooting out lime scale from a water system, proportionally speaking, electronic descaling results in testing of hard water remediation show that the application is closest to 100% removal. More economical than traditional water softener systems, electronic descaling is a water softener alternate that removes the detrimental effects of hard water at the source.

If have hard water is a problem in a home or building, remediation is the solution to devaluation of a property. Avoid allowing lime scale to build in pipes and on interior fixtures causing deterioration. The problem can be eliminated with the installation of an electronic descaling system. Avoid losing expensive energy producing equipment such as hot water heaters to lime scale accumulation.

Lime scale is a nuisance that can be dealt with. Tackle the problem with what once was considered a water softener alternate. Electronic descaling systems are the solution to deposits in tap water.

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