Effective Gardening: Get Mulch in Hartford CT

You probably have a garden site that is giving you a difficult time to maintain and keep tidy. This will only happen because you probably do not know about mulch. Mulching is the effective and best time saving measure that you can employ as a gardener whether it is in a flower garden, vegetable garden or just your outdoor grass lawn. Using mulch is very easy once you know what you want for your garden as well as identifying a credible supplier to provide you quality mulch. If you are looking for Mulch in Hartford CT here is some useful information you could use.

Types of mulches

There are basically two types of mulches that you can apply on your garden; however, the usage depends on the type of garden and the plants in the garden. Organic mulch is made from previously green material that has been recycled like leaves, tree barks, straw and grass clippings among others. These are very effective as they decompose and enrich the soil. Inorganic mulch on the other hand includes, black plastic, gravel and broken stones. They do not decompose but are useful when the garden needs to retain heat.

Benefits of using mulch

Using mulch is very good for your garden and plants in the garden. First of all, the decomposable mulch adds to the fertility of the garden ensuring that the plants shall always be healthy. Additionally, mulch retains the moisture in the soil thus the gardens do not dry up. Your garden is also kept tidy as mulches inhibit the growth of weeds making it easy to maintain. Finally, mulch keeps your gardens beautiful and attractive-in fact there are just some mulches that are specifically used for decorations.

Picking the right mulch

You should select mulch depending on the climate, weather, and season. It should be easy to apply and remove, and it should not harbor insects or weeds. There is no multipurpose mulch, so be sure to pick and change it depending on the seasons.

In case you need Mulch in Hartford CT, Contact Dunning Sand and Gravel. They have been supplying quality mulch for many years and guarantee you satisfaction through their responsive customer service.

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