A DUI Attorney in St. Charles, IL Represents Clients Arrested for Intoxicated Driving During Thanksgiving Week

Illinois state law allows sobriety checkpoints so police officers can stop drivers there who have not given them cause to do so. In other cases, officers can only pull drivers over if they have violated a traffic law, made a questionable move or have a malfunctioning safety feature like a burned-out headlight. A DUI attorney in St. Charles, IL expects to handle more cases between Thanksgiving week and New Year’s Day than is typical for the rest of the year.

Increased Enforcement

Sobriety checkpoints and the number of traffic patrols throughout the state are ramped up from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through the weekend. This is one of the most hazardous times of the year for driving, with a high percentage of alcohol-related accidents causing serious harm and even fatalities.

Hazardous Driving Conditions

Thanksgiving Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year for partying. In Illinois, driving can already be dicey with the arrival of late autumn and the possibility of snow or freezing rain. Drivers are out of practice with these conditions. Not being fully alert and aware worsens the situation. Law enforcement organizations always want to crack down on drunk drivers, but are especially concerned this week when collision rates jump significantly.

Other Reasons for Stopping Drivers

Outside of these checkpoints, police officers watch for signs that a driver is intoxicated so they have a legal reason to stop this person. In addition, they watch for illegal actions like driving without wearing a safety belt, moving faster than the posted speed limit and rolling through stop signs. When they pull drivers over for those violations, they can evaluate the situation and gauge whether there is reason to suspect intoxication.

Getting Legal Assistance

A DUI attorney in St. Charles, IL understands what a person’s rights are in regard to being pulled over by police officers and arrested for drunk driving. This lawyer works hard to provide superb defense for the client. If the driver caused an accident and was determined to be intoxicated, professional assistance from an organization such as The Cosentino Law Firm, LLC is imperative. Penalties for drivers convicted of operating while intoxicated and causing an accident are particularly severe.

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