Duct Decontamination And Other Abatement Services For Indoor Hazards That Jeopardize Health

Duct Decontamination And Other Abatement Services For Indoor Hazards That Jeopardize Health

Air ducts play a large role in indoor air quality. Clogged ducts can be riddled with pathogens and dust and sent right into the air when heating and cooling systems are in use. Spores from mold and mildew can be released into the air with the potential to cause health problems. Duct Decontamination immaculately cleans ducts so HVAC systems circulate air well, and air quality is kept at high standards. Ductwork can be replaced, repaired and undergo duct decontamination by Air Care & Restoration Co.Inc.

Health hazards and obstructed airways in HVAC units are good reasons to keep air ducts clean. Metal duct systems get microbial remediation when plagued with mold, mildew or other bacterial invasions. Non-metal materials need to be replaced when infested with bacteria or mold. Here is what to expect in the process of duct cleaning and decontamination. A certified air care and restoration professional uses an industrial strength vacuum hose to extract particulates contained in the system. Outlets are sealed, so contents don’t escape into the air. The grills are removed and sterilized. Ducts are air blasted to remove residue from surfaces. The final step involves using a pressure hose to break apart dirt and grime adhered to the surface. The collected dirt is drawn out the system to trunk lines. Each step in the process is double checked to confirm completion.

Lead and asbestos present so many health threats, many of which are life-threatening. Lead may exist in the paint and other items in a household. Asbestos is a natural mineral linked to certain types of lung cancer. The presence of asbestos cannot be seen and does not have an odor. Lead and asbestos inspections that detect the presence of these perilous compounds protects the health of families. If lead paint is found, a remediation procedure is done to remove all paint containing lead. Asbestos is dangerous when inhaled. This happens if the fibers are released into the air. Asbestos abatement is a controlled procedure that’s performed in a way that prevents cross-contamination. The area to be remedied is sealed off, and the people working on it wear full body protective gear. A special vacuum extracts and contains asbestos. Inspections for lead and asbestos protects families from being exposed to hidden and silent noxious substances. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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