Duct Cleaning Basics

Duct Cleaning Basics

We have all received the calls asking about whether we are interested in Duct cleaning. In Maple Grove MN, they often come in the evening around supper time. They are annoying, but, when you stop to think about it, the service is a necessary one. Your home has several ducts. They are there to move air from one room or place to another. This allows them access to every corner of your home or office. If the air they are carrying is not healthy, it can create a health hazard. The purpose of duct cleaning is to prevent this from occurring.

What Are Ducts and Duct Cleaning?

If you have a furnace, you have ducts. If you have an HVAC system, you have ducts. Ducts are the components that make up the heating and cooling systems of your home or office. Ducts are tubes or enclosed containers that carry in and out hot and cold air. Duct cleaning is the process through which a professional duct cleaning service in Maple Grove MN as well as elsewhere throughout the United States, cleans not only the return and intake ducts but the related parts such as:

* Fans

* Grilles

* Registers

* Motors

* Housings

* Coils

When Duct Cleaning Is Necessary?

You may want to hire a duct cleaning service for several reasons. These include as part of your HVAC’s regular maintenance schedule. Yet, there are other times when duct cleaning is necessary and may be, in fact, essential. This includes when the system indicates one of the following issues:

* Air Filter Problems: You note excessive dust , particles and debris in the system and in your home

* Moisture Problems: This is indicated by the presence of too much rust

* Dirt Build-up: This can be found throughout the system and externally

* Mold: If mold is found in the ducts or nearby, make sure duct cleaning services are called. If not, the spores can be blown literally and figuratively throughout the premises

* Rodents: If you have a rodent issue, it may be wise to have the ducts cleaned

These provide clear indications, that the entire system requires cleaning. These situations can occur particularly following construction and renovation projects. At this time, dirt, debris and other materials can easily enter the ducts and can interfere with the efficiency of the system.

Before you say “Yes” to that duct cleaning call, make sure you do your research. Services providing professional duct cleaning in Maple Grove MN need to be thoroughly vetted before you sign a contract. Make sure they are reliable and reputable. Remember this – good companies will come out for an inspection first.

If you are interested in finding more about quality Duct Cleaning in Maple Grove MN, be sure you contact the experts at Steamatic of the Twin Cities. They offer quality cleaning services performed by professional technicians.

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