Drunk Driving Can Get You Charged with a Crime

Drunk Driving Can Get You Charged with a Crime

28 people pass away every day in the US due to motor vehicle crashes. These incidents all have one thing in common: an alcohol-impaired driver. When you do the math, that’s about one death every 51 minutes, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, you could get end up with a criminal charge, especially after multiple arrests or if the accident results in a death. You’ll need to hire a criminal lawyer to help you.


You will need to pay for a fine and shell out money for court costs. If you are put on probation, you’ll need to pay for the probation fee as well. In addition to all these costs, your driver’s license will be revoked. Expect to go through educational classes about alcohol before you get a shot at getting your driving privileges back. Even then, your drinking habits will be assessed before they give you the go-ahead. You’ll also see an increase in your auto insurance premiums.

Legal assistance

Facing a criminal charge is going to entail a lot of legal technicalities. A competent criminal lawyer will let you know what these are so you can look into defending yourself. If you’re at fault, your lawyer can help by trying to plea bargain on your behalf as well as reduce any penalties or costs you need to pay for. By hiring a lawyer, you won’t end up going for what seems like an easy deal when it’s anything but.

Finding one

Referrals will work well in this case. That or do your own research. Go online and look for lawyers who specialize in these cases and who might be near your location. However, if you got into an accident out of state, you might want to look for a lawyer in that area since they’re more familiar with state laws and much more likely to have the license to practice there.

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