Drain Cleaning in Minneapolis – Common Services

Many companies that offer drain cleaning in Minneapolis also offer a bunch of other services related to the maintenance of the plumbing in your home. Even though plumbing problems are uncommon, they can often cause a lot of damage. That is why you need a reliable drain cleaner on speed dial at all times. For instance, what if a concealed water pipe breaks? It wouldn’t be long before your walls would be oozing water. In certain cases, water might start oozing from the floor, causing extensive damage.

One of the biggest problems that many people face is a clogged drain. Drains can be clogged for numerous reasons. Something solid might get stuck in the pipes, thus restricting the flow of water. In addition, limescale and minerals get deposited along the sides of the pipes with the passage of time.

This reduces the overall space in the pipe for the water to flow, thus leading to a blockage. Drain cleaning is not a simple job. Expert drain cleaners use sophisticated technology such as miniature cameras and fiber-optic cables in order to figure out where the drain is clogged. Apart from cleaning drains, there are a lot of other services that such companies offer. Here are some of the most common services that they offer.

Commercial Cleaning Services

For a business owner, it’s very difficult to tackle menial problems such as cleaning the drains or sewers. That’s all fine and dandy until a drain gets clogged or a pipe breaks. If that happens, not only could you lose a lot of your inventory, but also the extensive damage could severely hurt your business. Many cleaning businesses now offer emergency cleaning services as well. If there’s a water leakage, you can contact the cleaning business using their phone number or you could even contact them online.

Line Thawing

During winter, many water pipelines get frozen solid. This could cause serious problems for business owners in Minneapolis. Frozen pipes are often at an increased risk of bursting due to the build-up of pressure in the lines. If a pipe bursts, it could cause extensive damage to the concealed wiring and the walls in your home or business. The damage is further compounded by the fact that the plumbers will have to tear holes in the walls in order to replace the pipes.

However, cleaning businesses help reduce this risk by thawing lines. Using professional, electrical thawing machines, they are able to thaw out any frozen pipes, thus allowing water to flow freely. You might think that frozen lines are just a temporary inconvenience but they could actually cause a lot of serious damage. That’s why you should schedule a service with a drain cleaning business immediately.

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