Don’t Let Water Ruin Your Home When Foundation Repair Service In Fairfax VA Can Eliminate It

Don’t Let Water Ruin Your Home When Foundation Repair Service In Fairfax VA Can Eliminate It

Are your doors or windows not opening properly? Do you see white marks on your basement walls? If you are having problems with these types of conditions in your home, the foundation should be inspected.

Water pressure against the foundation walls causes hydrostatic pressure that will cause cracks, excessive moisture, bowing, and mold in a basement. Once the foundation starts to shift, doors and windows will not open properly. When a homeowner has any of these conditions in their home, they will need foundation repair service in Fairfax VA performed.

Causes Of Hydrostatic Pressure

Excessive rainfall, soil types, drought, inadequate site preparation, and malfunctioning French drains around the footer of a home are only a few of the reasons excessive pressure could be found against the walls of a basement. The earlier a problem with a foundation is detected and repaired, the better chance a homeowner has of reducing expensive repairs in the future. Painting the walls with a waterproof paint will not correct the problem of excessive water pressure.

Air Quality

The air quality in a home can be affected when there is excessive moisture in the basement. Mold, bacteria, and other harmful substances will travel throughout the home and affect the breathing and health of the occupants. Eliminating the cause of the moisture and repairing the water problems in a basement will improve the air quality in a home.


A Foundation Repair Service in Fairfax VA will assess a mold problem. Mold can grow behind walls, under flooring, and in many other places. Removing the mold and fixing the foundation will eliminate a mold problem. A foundation repair company will use ultraviolet air cleaners to disinfect, sterilize, and eliminate any microorganisms, bacteria, germs, and viruses from home.

How Is The Water Removed

Excessive moisture and water in a basement are removed by installing internal French drains around the perimeter of a basement. These drains will be connected to a sump pump pit that will push the water out of the home. All of the cracks will be repaired and the walls will be waterproofed. This type of service carries a lifetime guarantee that is transferable to a new owner.

If you are experiencing a water problem in your basement and excessive moisture throughout your home, it is important to have it repaired as quickly as possible. Visit for more information.

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