Don’t Let Leaks Ruin Your Home When Basement Concrete Repair In Baltimore Can Help

Don’t Let Leaks Ruin Your Home When Basement Concrete Repair In Baltimore Can Help

A leaking basement, cracked walls and floors, mold growth, bowing walls, and other signs of damage can be corrected by a company experienced in Basement Concrete Repair in Baltimore. A basement that has cracks in the walls or floors and has white marks on the wall are signs there’s a problem with the foundation. Although a homeowner can paint the block with waterproofing paint, it won’t correct the problem that is causing the water damage.

What Causes Cracks In Basement Walls?

Excessive water pressure against the walls of a basement causes cracks in the mortar or blocks. Eliminating this problem could be as simple as fixing the gutters on a home, extending a drainage pipe further from the foundation, or grading the yard to make water away from a home. In many situations, the drains that surround the footer of a home are not properly removing the water and need to be replaced.

Subfloor Pressure Relief System

The best way to fix the drains on a home without excavating the yard is through the use of a subfloor pressure relief system. This system requires the perimeter of the inside basement walls to be removed and small holes drilled. The area that was removed will be sealed with gravel and concrete.

Where Does The Water Go When It Enters The Trench?

A homeowner never has to worry about water remaining in their basement when the trench is filled with concrete and gravel. The trench will be connected to a sump pump and will be safely removed from the basement area. A subfloor system can eliminate the pressure on basement walls and floors so the rest of a Basement Concrete Repair in Baltimore can be completed.


Crawlspaces in a home are just as important as a basement area and should remain dry. Excess moisture in a crawlspace can cause the insulation to develop mold growth, rot the wood, and cause instability of the floors in a home. A basement repair company can design a crawlspace that is clean and dry under a home.

If you’re interested in removing the dampness, mold, and mildew from your basement or crawlspace, please visit

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