Do Not Think That You Will Never Need Water Damage Restoration In Philadelphia

Do Not Think That You Will Never Need Water Damage Restoration In Philadelphia

Philadelphia stands at the junction of the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers and all rivers carry the possibility of bursting their banks and flooding nearby areas. However, Philadelphia has taken adequate steps to avoid flooding of even riverside houses so the chance for them to suffer flood water damage has to be considered low indeed. Maybe, there could be risk if the Fairmount Dam were to mysteriously burst?

But, It’s Not Only River Water

Water can get where it is not supposed to be from a variety of causes that are not solely related to rainfall. Although, in 2013, some 8.02 inches of rainfall was recorded at the airport and, I guess, that could have allowed quite a bit of water to come in through open windows and skylights etc?

Water damage in buildings is more likely to be from four (should be avoidable) sources; in no particular order, these are:-

  1. burst or leaking water supply pipes
  2. a faucet accidentally left on
  3. damaged drain away pipes from washing machines
  4. water from fire hoses during a fire

Sometimes, damage from these ”accidents” can be minimal and the owners of affected premises should be able to mop up and clean up any damage for themselves. Unfortunately, once set loose, unwanted water will quickly flows across horizontal surfaces and down any vertical gaps; if the source is not quickly shut down; water can find its way throughout the building. Additionally, water that has been contained in an upstairs bathroom has weight and can first soak into the floor weakening it before causing a ceiling below to collapse. Good maintenance and a watchful eye can reduce the risks but this sort of flooding can occur at any time in residential, commercial, business and even factory buildings.

Much the same applies to outbreaks of fire. If hoses have to be used, a huge amount of water gets pumped in to the building and parts that are not on fire are liberally hosed to stop the flames spreading. Parts of the premises that are not burnt will, most likely, be left water logged.

You May Very Well Need Water Damage Restoration Someday

Some flooded items may be beyond salvage whereas others need to be quickly and thoroughly dried before being cleaned, treated and/or restored. In many cases, professional help will be needed from people like Eco Tech Mold Removal Company who specialize in Water Damage Restoration In Philadelphia.

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