Dispelling Myths in an Injury Case

Dispelling Myths in an Injury Case

There are a lot of decisions to be made for some that have been injured through no fault of their own. One decision is whether to hire a Minneapolis injury lawyer and file a claim or lawsuit.

There are some people who decide not to hire a Minneapolis injury lawyer because they are misleading due to myths that keep popping up about the law and how it works.

Cases Take a Long Time

While it is true that some cases may take many years to get to the litigation phase, the majority personal injury cases are settled outside of court which takes significantly less time. Most cases reach a resolution within several months.

Minor Injuries Are Not Worth It

Some people think that just because the injuries are minor, then the injured party is not entitled to having their expenses covered. This is not true. Everyone that has been injured is entitled to have their accident-related medical expenses covered and any wages loss attributed to the incident.

At-Fault Party Will Pay Out-Of-Pocket

Some people believe the person who caused the injury will have to pay out-of-pocket and this prevents some people from filing a claim. The truth is, in most cases, the other person’s insurance is the one who pays the settlement.

Can File a Claim at Any Time

Many people that they can file a claim for injuries at any time. This is false. Most states have a time limit on when a claim or lawsuit can be filed. If the specified amount of time has lapsed, then you can no longer file a claim to be reimbursed for your expenses.

It is a Frivolous Lawsuits

“Frivolous lawsuits” are the current buzzwords today to try to keep people from filing lawsuits. The truth is, if you have been injured, then filing a lawsuit is not frivolous.

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