Dining Room Table Pads Extend a Table’s Life

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Home & Garden

A dining room table is the focal point of your dining room, and can be the heart of many holidays or other family gatherings. Through the ages, the style of dining room tables has evolved to meet the artistic and functional needs of families.

For example, some table styles are oval, pedestal, trestle and farmhouse. Each style fits in a different type of decor and lifestyle. An oval table is a more traditional style and can be both classic and modern. With a single pedestal supporting the tabletop, the pedestal table makes it easier to find leg room beneath the table, and can have both a modern or archaic appeal. Both the farmhouse and trestle tables have a casual feel to them, with three trestles support a long tabletop (hence the name trestle) and a farmhouse style is long with benches, rather like a picnic table.

A table can be a big investment and because it is the center of so many things is used for many than eating. Tables can be used as a place to do homework, for art projects, and to support laptops or tablets while in use. With all the work tables do, they are subject to wear and tear. Table cloths and plastic covers protect them somewhat, but your table can still get scratched, stained or burned. Companies, such as Superior Table Pad Co. Inc, have a solution that can protect your table more effectively. The pads are thicker than plastic or cloths; they are generally 9/16-1/2 inch thick, can be made in a variety of colors (even wood grain) and can be cut to fit your table. If your table has leaves table pads can be cut to fit the leaves as well so they will be protected when they are put to use. The pads can be purchased with locks to keep them from moving while in use.

Dining Room Table Pads do not have to be just for dining room tables; they can also be cut to fit buffets, or sideboards. If you’re looking for a new table, or want to extend the life of an old table, consider table pads. Click here for more details.

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