Different Types of Aluminum Landscape Edging in Greenwood IN

Landscape edging is used to distinguish a vegetable or flower garden from the rest of the yard. It is also used to create paths through gardens, and provide extra support to plants placed above a retaining wall or higher level. There are a variety of materials, shapes, and forms of edging to accommodate preferences and match exterior decor.


Aluminum Landscape Edging in Greenwood IN is only one material for that product. Steel, black plastic, railroad ties, and composite materials are also available for edging. Landscaping professionals determine which edging is best depending on the location of the plants, the likelihood of erosion, and the decorative layout of the entire yard.

Railroad ties provide a natural and- rustic look, while composites and black plastic look sleek and modern. The metals can be purchased in a few finishes to alter the look of the yard. A shiny finish, for example, will stand out and draw attention directly to the plants. An antique finish will be muted and blend in with the colors of the flowers.


Corner pieces of Aluminum Landscape Edging in Greenwood IN will help define the garden and protect the edges from being stepped on, clipped with a mower, or having soil washed out in heavy rains. The flat planks of different sizes make the walls of the area if needed. It is common to see some shrubs or trees with just corner pieces for protection.

Edging stakes can be placed between rows to delineate different vegetables that are newly planted. They can be placed side by side in the spaces between rows to keep pets and children out. Supporting the planks and anchoring them in place is also done with stakes. Professionals, hobbyists, school and church lawn caretakers, and individuals can Browse the website for ideas and order edging.

Other Lawn and Garden Supplies

An experienced supply company, such as Tiffany Lawn & Garden Supply Inc., will offer a multitude of products for convenience. Water features, erosion control products, tools, and equipment, as well as natural stone in various sizes, are available from top manufacturers.

Bulk supplies will save professionals money on commonly used products and materials. Mulch and soils are manufactured by the supply company. Custom blends are also offered. Items can be ordered online and delivered to save time. Click here for more information.

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