Detached Or Attached Garage, The Pros, And Cons

Detached Or Attached Garage, The Pros, And Cons

If you are giving thought to build, a new garage on your property, you will be faced with an age-old dilemma, should it be attached to the house or detached? Like most things, there are benefits and drawbacks to both, the question should be, “what design will suit my purposes best?”

An experienced professional garage builder in Hobart can provide a great deal of insight and assistance to help you make the right decision.

The size and shape of your property:

Depending on the size and shape of your property, you may not have a choice. A narrow lot that is quite deep may be most suitable for a detached garage; on the other hand, a lot that is wide but shallow may be best for an attached garage.

Before deciding, have a good look at your lot from every angle. By now, you know the basics of what it is you want; try to visualize your dream garage. If you go with an attached garage, what impact will it have on the architecture of your house? If you have a detached garage built out back, will there still be room for the kids to play?

What do you intend to do in a detached garage?

As well as the property-oriented considerations, what do you actually plan on doing with the garage? If you want to avoid dealing with the weather, then an attached garage is a great choice. If you are planning to restore old cars then a detached garage away from the house will limit any noise that might be made.

An attached garage is really akin to a home addition; your garage builder in Hobart can make use of one existing wall that can cut down the cost. On the other hand, a detached garage is like a small house that is built from the ground up. It is a bigger project but it allows considerably more freedom in placement and design.

An experienced garage builder in Hobart can do more than just build the garage, he can provide a great deal of insight on the type of garage that will suit you best. You are invited to discuss your project with the Indiana Garage Guys.

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