Designing Brochures to Be Printed for Remodeling Contractors

Designing Brochures to Be Printed for Remodeling Contractors

Word-of-mouth recommendations are very helpful in the remodeling industry, but sometimes a contractor needs to use marketing strategies to boost sales. There’s a lot of competition in the New York City region, after all, but there’s also an enormous potential for business. Brochures that are professionally printed offer a way for prospective customers to see images of completed projects and to get ideas for their own homes. Contractors can come up with their own precise plans for these paper items or they can use templates that are available online. A huge variety of templates are available, and the customer can modify the designs as preferred. Color choices, photos, illustrations and placement of features are chosen by the customer. This way, the marketing tools never look too similar to those of someone else’s business.

The remodeling professional may want to have more than one type of brochure printed up. That way, he or she can provide specific kinds of information to interested homeowners instead of taking a more general approach. One brochure might offer details on roofing services, for example, while another addresses decks and fences. Depending on the company’s services, other ones might explain and illustrate services for patios and other concrete work, kitchen and bathroom renovations, and flooring upgrades.

Brochures should include the company logo and colors if the contractor has developed these concepts. If not, doing so now is advisable. The initial logo could be quite simple, such as the company name in a font and color of the contractor’s choosing, along with an illustration that could include some building equipment or a house. An initial logo does not have to be permanent; consider the changes made to logos of large corporations over the years.

A company like Printing Express can generate a brochure along with many other marketing tools, including business cards, postcards, and magnets. All these items can be handed out to existing customers and distributed during various events in the area. The contractor might have the office manager spend an afternoon at a local festival, for instance, running a display table. Please visit the website and get started with some new marketing strategies.

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