A Dentist Can Eliminate Snoring In Cedar City UT

A Dentist Can Eliminate Snoring In Cedar City UT

Snoring occurs while many people sleep. When snoring is caused by sleep apnea, it needs to be corrected. Sleep apnea can severely affect the health of an individual, including breathing being stopped while they’re sleeping. Snoring Cedar City UT can be corrected with the help of a dentist for mild to moderate sleep apnea. The alternative for this condition is wearing a mask each night that helps someone reduce their snoring and helps them to sleep. A mask can be inconvenient and difficult to sleep with because it’s constantly blowing air into your mouth or nose.

* Sleep apnea can cause:
* Irritability
* Depression
* Breathing cessation episodes
* Attention problems
* Decreased libido
* Choking or gasping
* Falling asleep quickly whenever inactive
* Morning headaches
* And much more.

Snoring can cause difficulty in marital relationships when the snoring keeps the other partner up all night. Snoring does not always signal that it’s being caused by obstructive sleep apnea. Snoring Cedar City UT can be eliminated through the use of a dental or oral device or appliance. An experienced dentist can recommend what type of appliance will work best for the patient. A mandibular device is one of most used dental appliances to treat sleep apnea. It has a similar appearance to a sports mouthpiece. It is designed to push the lower jaw down and slightly forward. This appliance keeps the airway open and can eliminate breathing problems.

Another option for an orthodontist to suggest to a patient is a tongue-retraining device. This splint will hold the tongue in the right position and keep the airway open. This type of appliance requires periodic visits to the dental office for minor adjustments or replacement. A narrow upper jaw may benefit from an expansion appliance. This is a non-surgical treatment and removes pressure on the nasal passages and improves someone’s breathing patterns. Eliminating sleep problems for a patient can improve their quality of life. Patients who currently use a machine to correct their sleep apnea may be interested in another option.

If you or someone you love is interested in eliminating snoring in your life, please feel free to visit Gentledentalteam.com to find out more about a getting a peaceful night’s sleep.

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