Dental Implants In St. Augustine FL Offer Advantages And Disadvantages

Dental Implants In St. Augustine FL Offer Advantages And Disadvantages

Most people have heard of dental implants in St. Augustine FL, but most don’t know much about the disadvantages or advantages of them. They are a permanent solution to tooth loss and are typically seen as a better option than dentures. However, they aren’t for everyone, and you should consider all the varying alternatives first before making a final decision.

Look Natural

Even though dentures have come a long way, they usually don’t look as natural as an implant, for the simple reason you have to remove them periodically. While the implant is not natural and is in fact metal, the crown is sculpted to look like your other teeth. Most people say that even when in close proximity, they can’t tell the difference between implanted and natural teeth.

Function Like Normal

Because the implant is surgically placed into the jawbone and allowed to heal and fuse together, the structure of an implant is similar to natural teeth. Even the artificial tooth that is placed over the implant is functional. Dentures and bridges are not the same and usually don’t offer the same chewing force, and must be removed.


Permanence is a big factor for many people. They want to have their procedure complete and never have to worry about it again. However, dentures and partials must continuously be removed to clean and sleep, making them nowhere near permanent fixtures within the mouth. However, it should be noted that sometimes the crown (artificial tooth) must be replaced though the metal inside will never need replacement.

Better Option

In most cases, dental implants in St. Augustine FL area are a better choice, especially if the teeth surrounding the missing tooth are in good condition. Otherwise, those teeth would also need to be removed for a bridge.


One downfall could be the cost and that most insurance companies consider them a cosmetic rather than reconstructive procedure. If you only require one implant, it may not cost as much. However, when you have several missing teeth that aren’t close together, it could become costly.

Surgical Procedure

The implant procedure is surgical in nature and will require a lot of time. Every single implant you need will take two surgical procedures, months of healing and other dental visits, which can be a bad choice for some people.

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