How Dental Implants in Chicago Could Restore Your Smile

How Dental Implants in Chicago Could Restore Your Smile

When an injury, large cavity or other dental issue has caused you to lose one or more of your natural teeth, you might be wondering about your options for restoring your smile and functionality of your mouth. Our dental implant specialist in Chicago offers dental implant treatments for restoring your oral health.

A missing tooth may cause the neighboring teeth to shift out of their proper position in your mouth. The loss of a tooth may also cause your jaw bone and gum tissue to recede. This loss of tissue has a considerable impact on the nearby teeth. Receding gums may increase sensitivity and the risk of cavities. Loss of jaw bone mass could cause your remaining teeth to become loose. The contour of your face could change if you lose a lot of the mass of your jaw bone. Getting a dental implant as soon as possible after the loss of a tooth could prevent your gum tissue and jaw bone from receding.

Dental implants are customized for each patient. Our dental implant specialist in Chicago takes impressions and digital X-rays of your mouth. The impressions and X-rays are provided to the dental lab where the implant is made. The dentist places the titanium post, which is the actual implant. In some cases, patients may need a bone graft. The bone graft replaces some of the lost bone tissue and helps to anchor the titanium post. The dental lab makes the customized crown, which is designed to fit on the post and match your remaining natural teeth.

Dental implants could improve your self-confidence and help to keep your teeth healthy. Call our dental implant specialist in Chicago today to learn more, or visit our website for more information.

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