Dealing With A Slipped Disc In Austin TX

Dealing With A Slipped Disc In Austin TX

A Slipped Disc in Austin TX can be a very painful injury. It’s something that can cause a person to miss work for days or even weeks. If the person is an athlete, competing in sports will be out until the recovery process has been completed. One way that people can suffer from slipped discs is by not lifting properly. People who lift by bending forward at the waist are putting themselves at great risk of suffering some type of back injury. Also, attempting to lift too much can also cause back injuries even if the lifting form being used is a good one.

Once a back injury has occurred, it’s important to go to the doctor to see what type of injury it is. This might involve a number of tests to make sure that there isn’t any major damage done. If a person suffers a Slipped Disc in Austin TX, the person’s doctor will usually make recommendations for care and rehab. One part of all recommendations is getting enough rest. It’s important to not place any stress on the back after the initial injury. The amount of rest a person will need will vary from case to case. Severe injuries will obviously need more rest. Also, older people will need to rest longer before they are recovered enough for rehab.

After a person has rested enough, seeking out massage therapy is a wise thing to do. With massage therapy, the injured area and surrounding tissues can be deeply massaged. The massage will encourage healing. It can also help deal with any discomfort that is being felt. Massages should only be done by trained chiropractors. A massage for a slipped disc that is done by an untrained person will only make matters worse. It could set back an individual’s progress by weeks. Even having a spouse massage the injured area is a bad idea. People who need treatment can visit Website or the website of another chiropractic professional for more information about the therapy that can be used to deal with all types of back injuries. Massage therapy can also help to deal with other soft tissue injuries of the body. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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