Damp Proofing in Brighton – Dealing with Moisture Issues in the Best Way

For many allergy sufferers, mould is a serious problem. Why, you ask? Well, when the home becomes damp and spores begin to grow on the walls, ceilings and other surfaces, they can be inhaled and result in serious respiratory conditions. It’s not just the health effects of moisture issues you should be thinking about though, because damp can also cost you a lot of money if it is not dealt with swiftly. The foundation of a property will deteriorate if it becomes damp, and your home won’t be as energy-efficient. You might have heard of damp proofing in Brighton as a worthwhile solution. Read on to find out how it can reverse the effects of all three kinds of damp.

Penetrating Damp

Before penetrating damp can be dealt with, it is important that you determine the cause. It can be troublesome to do this without professional assistance, so don’t hesitate to contact a company specializing in damp proofing in Brighton. If there are gaps near the roof, door seals or window frames, moisture will enter the property, thus making it feel colder and wetter. Treatment for penetrating damp usually involves excavating soil and injecting a silicone damp-proofing course.

Rising Damp

Should you be dealing with rising damp, which is noticeable if wallpaper peels or if walls are salt-stained, an expert will get rid of those ghastly tide marks by performing damp proofing in Brighton. The most common solutions for rising damp involve the use of water repellent chemicals, osmotic water repellence, or a pore blocking salt mixture. A chemical formulation will be the easiest solution and will take less time to complete, therefore you can expect to pay a smaller fee for the professional’s labour.


As long as your home is ventilated, you won’t deal with condensation issues. Opening the windows slightly throughout the day and using a dehumidifier are two solutions for condensation. Running your heating at a low level will also help to keep condensation damp at bay. Despite this, there is still the chance of a problem occurring. A reliable form of damp proofing in Brighton for condensation will be a moisture absorber pack, mould removal kit or ground surface treatment.

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