Cremation – A burial alternative to consider in Charlotte, FL

Burying a family member in Charlotte, FL presents many different available options for families. One of these options is cremation which is a burial alternative Charlotte, FL funeral homes provide. Cremation is sometimes requested by the family member before death and may be written into the will. If this is the case, it helps to explore the available choices.

The Cremation Process

In the cremation process, the body of the deceased is burned at very high temperatures until there are only ashes remaining. The ashes are placed in an urn that has been specifically chosen by the deceased’s family members. Urns can be purchased at a number of online retailers or they can be purchased directly from the funeral home. Remains can also be buried or scattered according to the preferences of the family or the last wishes of the deceased. Some people choose to incorporate the ashes as part of an object such as part of an item of jewelry, a seashell, or other unique concepts.

Cremation is a burial alternative Charlotte, FL families have access to at funeral homes which offer this service. It is often less expensive than a traditional burial and more convenient for holding a ceremony. Cremation represents the concepts of the impermanence of life and the temporary nature of death which suits many family’s philosophies and beliefs.

Kays-Ponger Funeral Home offers a full range of funeral choices so you and your family can select the best options. Contact us by calling the location nearest you for assistance with making funeral arrangements. We look forward to serving the needs of your family. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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