Creating a Video Production in Lexington, KY For All Mediums

Once upon a time, a business owner who wanted some type of promotional Video Production in Lexington KY had only to think of how it would look on a television screen. With the advent of desktop computers, there was the need to produce something that would work well on a smaller screen. Today, people view videos using everything from large-screen televisions to mobile phones. That calls for some expert help in creating a production that works for all these mediums.

Understanding the Target Group of Consumers

In order to ensure the Video Production in Lexington KY can be viewed from all sorts of settings, it pays to come up with a profile for the company’s ideal customer. Think about factors like location, age, gender, and income level. Given the attributes of that perfect customer, what is the most likely medium the individual will use to view the video?

For example, consumers in certain age and income brackets are likely to do most of their product comparisons using smart-phones. With that in mind, how can the video make the best use of audio and visual elements, so the viewing experience meets the expectations of the consumer? Keep in mind that if the individual is more likely to watch the video from start to finish, the odds of making a purchase are much higher.

The Audio Matters

While many people think that what people see is the key to a successful video, the right audio elements will also make an impact. Consider what it would take to ensure that any dialogue is clearly understood even if the consumer is viewing the production on a smart-phone. Would background music add to or take away from the experience? The right audio elements will generate more interest, inspire more confidence, and build a stronger connection between the buyer and the seller.

Always consider how a promotional video will be accessed by the target audience. Talk with the team at First String Media Productions about ways to combine the ideal elements into a cohesive video that entertains and informs at the same time. That type of video will work well in any medium and serve the company well for many years to come.

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