When Should You Contact an Emergency Dentist?

When Should You Contact an Emergency Dentist?

For the healthy individual, most dental care is kept to regular dental examinations and cleanings and the occasional filling. These appointments are usually scheduled well in advance to fit into your schedule and your dentist’s schedule. However, there may be some times when you need quick dental care, and you will need to see a Chicago emergency dentist. Here are three of those most significant times.

When You Have Severe Pain

When you have a cavity in your tooth, you may feel a bit of sensitivity. However, when the cavity is in a certain location or when it has turned into a larger abscess that reaches the roots, you may have much greater pain. Your emergency dentist can help decrease that pain for you and treat the problem.

When You Have Broken a Tooth

When you fall or have a car accident or similar injury, you may injure your mouth through direct contact. This can lead to a cracked or broken tooth. Eating something hard can do this as well. If the injury is significant or painful, your emergency dentist can treat it.

When You Have Lost a Tooth

More significant injuries may lead to your tooth falling out of its socket. You should always seek immediate care for this because your emergency dentist can often replace and save the tooth. Always find your lost tooth when possible and put it back in the socket as you travel to the dentist.

A Chicago emergency dentist can help you when something unexpected happens to your teeth. Even if it is after hours or a holiday, you can get immediate help to ease your discomfort and save your teeth.

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