Why You Should Consult an Attorney For an SSDI Case

Why You Should Consult an Attorney For an SSDI Case

The Social Security Administration has taken great steps to helping veterans, seniors, homeless people, or people who are at risk of becoming homeless to climb out of poverty. Despite high acceptance rates, it is still a complicated legal procedure and people who are in poverty or in a vulnerable position may not think about consulting with an attorney. Here are a few good reasons to consult SSDI attorneys, regardless of your situation:

1. Eligibility

The Disability Benefits Centre says that there are certain qualifications that somebody needs to meet to claim, including being ‘totally disabled’ by the SSA’s definition. Disability Secrets says that this means a disability which interferes with regular work activities or is expected to last for more than 12 months. These definitions and qualifications can also be difficult to determine, so if you are in doubt, it is best to consult with SSDI attorneys who can look over your situation and tell you what you are eligible for.

2. Increase Your Chance of Claiming

Acceptance rates for SSDI are high, despite their complexities and the number of required qualifications. This is because the majority of claims are made through an attorney who knows the system well and will work to get people what they deserve and prevent them from becoming homeless.

3. Gather Your Information

You will need a large range of documents to make a claim, including medical information, which people who are homeless or in a bad situation can have trouble gathering. Another job that an attorney does is gather these necessary documents and help people fill out their forms if they need it.

If you have found yourself in a bad situation or face homelessness, don’t feel as if you need to do everything yourself. There will always be assistance from lawyers and other people who will help to get you out of your situation and back to financial stability.

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