Considering the Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters in San Diego

Now that the plumber has confirmed the old water heater is not worth repairing, it is time to think about a replacement. Rather than going with the same type of heater, why not branch out a little and look into something new? In other words, now is the perfect time to consider all the benefits that come with tankless Water Heaters in San Diego. Here are some of the benefits that come with this type of solution.

Always Plenty of Hot Water

With more traditional Water Heaters in San Diego, it is easy to exhaust the supply of hot water in the tank. When that happens, the only thing to do is wait until a fresh tank of water is heated to the desired temperature. Having to wait can be a real inconvenience when everyone is trying to tidy the home and get ready to leave for work and school. Since tankless water heaters supply hot water on demand, there is no waiting. While someone is taking a shower, someone else can load the dishwasher and take care of the breakfast dishes. Another member of the household can be starting a load of laundry while another person is in the second bathroom shaving and brushing his teeth. Even with this type of demand for hot water, no one has to worry about running out.

Space Efficient

A tankless water heater does not need the same amount of space that a traditional heater requires. With no tank, the device is much smaller. That means it is much easier to tuck the heater into a space that is well vented and use that extra room for some other purpose. As long as nothing flammable is stored near the heater, that extra space will be a big plus.

Cost Efficient

This is because there is no tank of water that must be reheated periodically during the day. The heating element on a tankless model kicks in to heat water as it passes through the device and then through the plumbing to the shower, the sink, or the washing machine. That process takes less energy, which means the utilities each month will be a little less.

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