How the Condition of Your Nashville Home Impacts Your Choice of Garage Floor Coatings

How the Condition of Your Nashville Home Impacts Your Choice of Garage Floor Coatings

Renovating or upgrading your garage flooring to the beautiful natural stone look of granite, quartz or Terrazzo is an ideal way to add visual appeal and value to any residential property in Nashville.

In most residential garages, the garage floor coating is used to cover an old concrete floor, where there is slight to extremely significant damage. Unless this surface area is correctly prepared, even the best possible quality of epoxy garage flooring does not last.

This is one of the reasons why most homeowners choose professional epoxy coating installers to complete the job. Not only do they have the expertise and the equipment to get the job done, but they also have the crews to come in and make short work of what can be a substantial job.

Professional Epoxy Compared to Paint or Epoxy Flooring Kits

All older concrete floors in Nashville have minor surface damage. This can include slight chips and dents or even surface cracks. It is also common for fluids from vehicles and even scraping and scratching on the surface to be prominent on the floor.

Paint and the thin, extremely liquid epoxy in kits simply coat these irregular surfaces and do not fill in the slight to moderate imperfections. This means additional time spent in repairing both the significant surface irregularities as well as the minor surface damage.

With professionally applied epoxy garage floor coating, the thick epoxy is custom mixed to meet your flooring requirements. There is still the need to sand and prepare the floor, but with the self-leveling properties of the industrial grade of epoxy flooring, minor imperfections on the surface do not need to be repaired.

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