Compressor Failures Require Air Conditioning Service in Omaha NE

Compressor Failures Require Air Conditioning Service in Omaha NE

Multiple issues can cause a home AC to malfunction, but thankfully the fixes aren’t all expensive. The problem could be as minor as a loose wire causing a power failure, or a filter that’s become clogged. However, a failed compressor signifies a major HVAC emergency and a big expense for the homeowner. Fortunately, almost 80% of compressor failures are preventable with Air Conditioning Service in Omaha NE if problems are caught early.

The Importance of the Compressor

An air conditioning unit’s compressor is essentially its heart. This analogy fits for a variety of reasons, such as:

  *      It’s a key component without which the unit cannot operate

  *      It is typically reliable, and if it fails early it’s likely due to a preventable underlying cause

  *      Some failures are impossible to fix

  *      Like the heart, the compressor pumps matter throughout the system

Now that it’s evident why the compressor is so important, customers should evaluate some of the reasons for AC compressor malfunction, and they should learn how these failures can be avoided.

Dirty Coils

When mineral buildup, grime, and dust clog the condenser coil, the unit will not expel heat efficiently, and it will run constantly. The increased temperature and pressure can cause compressor overheating and eventual failure.

Blocked Lines

When an AC unit’s refrigerant lines are damaged or blocked, the customer will notice that it’s not cooling effectively. If the issue isn’t resolved, the higher temperature and pressure will cause the compressor to overheat and fail.

Low Refrigerant Level

If the refrigerant lines have cracks or holes, the unit is losing refrigerant. Over time, the level will get so low that the compressor is forced to work harder to get the refrigerant through the system. The added strain can cause the compressor to eventually shut down.

When a customer decides to Visit the website to hire a contractor for regular Air Conditioning Service in Omaha NE, the AC compressor will return the favor by providing reliable, consistent cooling. Home HVAC systems should be serviced twice per year by Accurate Heating & Cooling, a service provider that’s certified, licensed and insured. That way, the homeowner can be assured that the contractor has the skills necessary to find and prevent problems that can cause compressor failure.

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