Common Types of Geothermal Repair in Suffolk, NY

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are made to last as an eco-friendly, cost-efficient solution for controlling the temperature of your home using the earth. The lifespan for a geothermal system is about 50 years for outdoor components and 25 for anything indoors. Many homeowners are drawn to the cost efficiency and sustainability of these systems but wonder what geothermal repairs their new system may require in future.

How Geothermal Systems Work

Before considering repairs, there are a few things to know about geothermal systems. The two main components that power this system are the heat pump and the ground loops. The ground loops are made of long pipes filled with liquid to circulate temperatures. In warm weather, the system draws hot liquid out of the house while drawing liquid chilled by the earth into the house, or vice versa for cold weather. Expert geothermal companies will include a customized recommendation for the type of system and ground looping that your home needs.

Three Common Geothermal Repairs

While the benefits seem incredible, homeowners often wonder what types of geothermal repair in Suffolk, NY will be necessary as well as how extensive they may become. Consider the following potential issues:

  • Some of the most common geothermal repairs involve a broken heat pump, which typically occurs when the compressor fails to keep the system properly pressurized.
  • If the liquid in the system is water, minerals may form a buildup known as “scales,” but this can be easily remedied by your contractor performing an acid flush.
  • One of the top concerns related to geothermal systems is that the ground loop may develop a leak, but homeowners should trust that their contractor will be able to pinpoint the leak before digging.

If you are considering a geothermal system for your home, be sure to properly research and get more information about the specific type of system that will fit your needs.

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