Common transmission problems

Common transmission problems

Modern transmissions, both manual and automatic are rugged and built to last hundreds of thousands of miles. However, like any mechanical component they can fail and when they do it can be expensive to repair. In many cases, premature failure can be avoided by insisting that the maintenance procedures laid down by the vehicle manufacturer are kept. Saying this, even the best maintained transmission can fail; there are transmission problems that cannot be ignored.

Poor performance:

There is definitely a problem if the transmission fails to change gears. Transmission parts supply personnel will always be the first to suggest that if the response is not immediate when you go from park to drive, there is a problem that needs correction.

Fluid leak:

The quickest way to total transmission failure is to continue driving with low fluid. The transmission could seize if this problem is not corrected immediately.

Slipping gears:

An automatic transmission changes from one gear to the next because of a command from the onboard computer whereas a manual transmission shifts gears when the driver depresses the clutch and manually repositions the gear lever. If a transmission slips out of gear or returns to neutral for no apparent reason chances are there is a worn gear or the bands are slipping.

Hard to shift gears:

A well functioning transmission should shift from one gear to the next without any perceptible noise or thud. If the transmission in your car does not operate this way there is a definite gear problem. A manual transmission will be hard to get into gear, it will feel and sound different than usual. An automatic transmission will not make a grinding noise but it may not go into gear. A local transmission parts supply house will have the components that your mechanic needs to make the necessary repairs.

These are four common problems that can happen when a transmission is not well maintained, there are others that a certified mechanic can diagnose and repair.

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