Common Reasons to Call Garage Door Services in Gardnerville

Garage Door Services in Gardnerville have dealt with all types of issues, but they occasionally find a few surprises. While there are some situations that require a professional’s touch, other problems only require a bit of knowledge.

Customers can Click here for several reasons why a door may not work.

Dead Transmitter Batteries

It might seem obvious, but some people don’t realize that the garage door’s transmitter needs power to operate. If one transmitter’s battery fails, check the other ones as well because they were likely installed at or around the same time.

Misaligned Photo Eyes

There is a photo eye on both sides of the garage door; these eyes emit an invisible beam that, when broken, keeps the garage door from shutting. If the garage door will not close, check to ensure that the eyes aren’t dirty or misaligned.

Tracks out of Alignment

A misaligned garage door track can present serious issues because the tracks need proper alignment to move safely. If there are gaps between the rail and the rollers, or if the rails are bent, call a garage door repair technician right away. The weight of the door itself can make these issues worse until it becomes extremely dangerous to operate the door.

Random Opening/Closing

If the garage door opens and closes at random, it can be disturbing. The first thing to check is the transmitters; ensure that they’re not stuck under anything that can set them off. It’s also a good idea to test the transmitter’s frequency, because a neighbor may be using the same one, causing your door to open as theirs does.

Non-Lifting Doors

A garage door is very heavy and, contrary to popular belief, the opener doesn’t do the job. Garage doors have torsion springs, and if either spring fails, the opener may not be able to lift the door. If a torsion spring is broken, call a repair professional right away.

Most people take their garage doors for granted, but a malfunction can put a crimp in anyone’s day. By following the troubleshooting steps above, customers can determine the extent of the problem, and they can decide when to call Garage Door Services in Gardnerville.

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