Common Issues that Require Wood Flooring Repair in Tribeca

Common Issues that Require Wood Flooring Repair in Tribeca

A great deal of attention is given to maintaining wood floors. Keeping them clean and avoiding scratches is typically what people think about. However, there are issues that may require professional Wood Flooring Repair in Tribeca. The truth is there are many types of problems that can occur with a wood floor over the years, with some being minor and some significant. Whatever the case may be, in these instances, professional wood flooring repair may be necessary.

There are a few minor problems that can be adjusted without a great deal of trouble. Over the years, homeowners may notice small gaps between various wood planks. This comes from wood shrinking when humidity levels are low and expanding when humidity levels are higher. This sort of movement is fairly normal and, as long as the gaps aren’t very thick, there’s nothing to be concerned about. However, if the gaps become too wide-;more than the width of a dime-;simply averaging out the humidity levels in the house and a little time will allow the gaps to close up as the wood expands.

Splits in a wood plank can be a small or significant issue. If the splits are small, angled nails can help hold the plank together and wood filler can be used to hide any damage caused to the plank while trying to repair it. However, if the split or the crack in the plank is significant enough, it may need to be replaced. This is a job for a professional wood repair services.

Another common issue is buckling. This is when the wood plank lifts off of the sub floor. In these situations, a repair specialist will use specialty wood flooring nails to secure any wood planks that are buckling to the sub floor. With the right types of nails, as well as a wood filler to cover any damage, this is the easiest way to fix this problem.

There are other issues that could require professional Wood Flooring Repair in Tribeca that is too numerous to mention. But, if you notice any sorts of issues, whether it’s buckling, splits, cupping or any other type of irregularity with your wood floor, you may want to contact New York Wood Flooring. They can send technicians to your home to inspect the problem and devise the best way to repair the hardwood floors.

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