Common Grounds For Filing A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Common Grounds For Filing A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In the event someone dies as a result negligence by another person or entity the survivors of the deceased are entitled to hire a Chicago wrongful death attorney and sue for compensation.

In the event the action prospers and the survivors are successful they can claim for loss of income that would have been expected if the individual did not die, loss of companionship, medical and funeral expenses and more.

What actually is wrongful death?

Before seeking redress it is important that the survivors understand exactly what constitutes wrongful death. Basically, action can be pursued if the person dies as a result of action or lack theory by another. There are minor variances in state law.

There are numerous claims that can be filed based on accidents that have resulted in the death of a person, these include vehicle collisions, medical malpractice, product liability, etc. Proving wrongful death can be difficult; the claim often relies on testimony of witnesses or verification by experts.

Who gets sued?

As the victim was killed in the accident, the responsibility for pursuing a claim for wrongful death lies with the survivors. It is important to hire a Chicago wrongful death attorney who is intimate with the laws, rules and regulations that apply, in this way the victims survivors can rest assured that the case is pursed correctly and well within the statute of limitations that applies in cases of this nature.

Various entities can be sued for causing wrongful death. This can be the at fault driver of a vehicle, the designer of a road that had an inherent fault, anyone that sold intoxicating beverages to a person to the point of intoxication and many more.

With all the potential complications of pursuing compensation for the death of a loved one there is no doubt that a seasoned wrongful death attorney is needed.

If you believe a loved one dies as a result of a negligent action on the part of someone else you should consider hiring a Chicago wrongful death attorney and suing for damages. You are invited to discuss your case with Shea Law Group at

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