Coming or Going: Why the Status of a Honey Bee Swarm in Reynoldsburg Will Determine When to Fight It

Coming or Going: Why the Status of a Honey Bee Swarm in Reynoldsburg Will Determine When to Fight It

There is a big nest right on the patio. It seems to be menacing. But, is it really? Are the bees actually moving out, having abandoned the potential hive due to a lack of resources? Or are they slowly settling in- any day they will bring the Queen and firmly call a certain patio their home?

Where the hive is in the process of coming or going will determine how threatening it is. It will also determine the best time to attack. Homeowners want to prevent a nest from being established in or near their home. Fortunately, this can be a lengthy process. Traditionally, bees will enter and begin preparing the nest. They lack resources, and will have to exist often to retrieve them. Homeowners can potentially trap the growing nest with a screen. This will not allow more resources to gather, and the bees will leave it accordingly. Nectar is their lifeline, but it has to be carried to the nest. If this is cut off, there will be no reason to continue building the nest- or the means. It is ideal to trap them out of the nest. Though, trapping them in is also a way to go.

Homeowners will get lucky if they are able to strike before the nest has settled comfortably for a season. This is a period of time where they are particularly vulnerable. They may spread throughout the area, so it is vital to be aware of the presence of bees in this process. The remaining honey bee swarm in Reynoldsburg will still be at the previous home.

A honey bee swarm in Reynoldsburg will be more aggressive when they are in a transition. This can be the time to strike. They can do some serious harm, and are more than capable and willing to do it if they feel provoked. An animal control expert can plan the strategy of attack.

Ultimately, a local wildlife pro will be able to determine the status of a current hive. Contact Your Ohio Wildlife Pro to get the rundown of where the hive is headed- if anywhere- and what can be done about it before that happens.

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