Cleaning Shower Doors as Installed by Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company

Cleaning Shower Doors as Installed by Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company

A showerhead above a bathtub is a very common feature in the residential setting. Upgrading from a shower curtain to shower doors may be an appealing idea, but the person in charge of cleaning the bathroom may worry that those doors will be difficult to keep free of soap scum. This individual knows it’s easy enough to wash the shower curtain in the washing machine, or just to buy cheap liners and replace them frequently. Fortunately, shower doors as installed by a contractor such as Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company actually don’t require much effort to keep them looking great.

Hard water is the main culprit in scaly soap and lime buildup on shower doors and curtains, as well as on the shower and tub walls and flat surfaces. The best strategy is to keep up with the cleaning process and not let soap scum build up in the first place. Numerous products are available in stores that people can spray onto the doors and then wipe off with a soft cloth or a non-scratching scrub pad. The interior of the shower enclosure also can be wiped down at that time. The process only takes a few minutes if it’s done routinely. If the home has softer water, a normal glass cleaning product may be all that’s necessary.

Another option is simply to use substances most people have on hand when cleaning shower doors installed by a contractor like Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company.Vinegar is a top-notch household cleaning substance and makes quick work of light soap scum accumulation. It can be applied with a cloth or a paper towel, or poured into a spray bottle and sprayed on. If members of the household have gotten behind on doing the task regularly, extra elbow grease may be necessary. Making a paste of vinegar and baking soda provides a little grit to cut through the buildup.

With glass shower doors replacing a plastic or fabric curtain, the bathroom gets a makeover and looks more upscale. Numerous designs are available to suit everyone’s preferences. Contact Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company to learn more about styles and pricing.

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