Cleaning, Sanding And Staining A Wood Fence In Cleveland OH

If an untreated wood fence is stained and has a rough surface, it can be cleaned and sanded by completing the steps below. Afterward, a coat of stain and clear varnish will enhance the appearance of a wooden enclosure and will prevent it from becoming damaged if it is exposed to inclement weather conditions.


*    mild detergent

*    water hose

*    bucket

*    soft-bristled scrub brush

*    cleaning agent (designed for use on wood)

*    power sander

*    sandpaper (coarse and fine grit)

*    tack cloth

*    wood stain

*    mixing stick

*    paint tray

*    paint roller and extension handle

*    paintbrush

*    clear varnish

*    Cleaning And Sanding Wood

Mild detergent that has been mixed with water needs to be applied to stains on a Wood Fence in Cleveland OH. A soft-bristled scrub brush will help lift stains and will not damage a wooden surface. Stubborn stains that do not respond to soapy water may require a stronger cleaning agent. A cleanser that is designed for use on wood can be applied to each stain before scrubbing them for a couple minutes. Afterward, a fence’s surface needs to be sprayed with a water hose. Wood needs to dry before it is sanded. A power sander can be moved back and forth over rough spots. A tack cloth that is wiped across wood will remove sanding residue.

Applying Stain And Varnish

After stirring stain to eliminate bubbles, it can be poured into a paint tray. A paint roller that is evenly coated with stain should be moved across a Wood Fence in Cleveland OH in straight lines. If a fence has small details on its surface, a narrow paintbrush can be used to cover them with stain. After stain dries, varnish that is designed for outdoor use can be poured into a clean paint tray. A paint roller or paintbrush can be used to apply varnish over a stained surface.

A wooden fence’s surface will not become damaged as long as it is cleaned with non-abrasive materials and products. If an individual needs assistance with caring for an existing fence or would like to have a new Wood Fence in Cleveland OH installed, they can Contact R & M Fence or a similar company to receive a free quote and acquire information about fencing materials.

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