Cleaning & Maintenance Procedures for Terrazzo-Ware Shower Base

Your terrazzo shower base might be all kinds of sturdy and durable. They’re also bacteria-resistant, says SF Gate. This is great, because you get a nice, clean environment all around. But while it holds up excellently against wear, problems related to stains and absorption are a whole different ball game. If you want to keep your floor looking shiny and great, you’ll want to ensure that it’s well protected with a sealer.

What is a Sealer?

This locks in the pores of your terrazzo floor, keeping water out. It should be applied on a regular basis–once a month is ideal–if you want your shower floor to last.

How Do You Clean It?

You can go for any neutral cleaner, so long as they’re not acidic or alkaline. Go over every inch of your floor with a microfiber cloth or mop dipped in the cleaning solution. Rinse, and then let it dry. Then, buff the floor with dry microfiber cloth to restore the shine as well as get rid of any excess moisture on the surface.

How to Maintain It?

Mop up the floors frequently. Clear off any dirt or debris that could build up on your floors. Dirt can cause scratches if you leave them there. Sand and grit can do the same, so get into the habit of sweeping your shower floors regularly. Also, terrazzo is porous. It’s easily stained, and acids can leave ugly marks behind. That means urine can leave your floor looking the worse for wear. If you have a toddler at home and potty time attempts are still a hit and miss–with pretty much a lot of misses–don’t forget to wipe your floors immediately. Use a wet cloth. If you end up with etched floors anyway, you could polish the surface to get the marks off.

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