Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop in Johnson County

Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop in Johnson County

An estimate for a repair job from different Auto Body Shop in Johnson County may vary wildly. Some shops may provide an estimate of $500 while others will charge over $2,000 to perform the same job. How does one choose and is it a good idea to pick the cheaper place? There are a lot of factors that comes into play when selecting an auto body shop. Fortunately, the following tips will be a guide when selecting the best Auto Body Shop in Johnson County.

Though a lot of shops advertise their services, it’s always best to choose a place where friends, family members or colleagues recommend. This is because they’ve been tested and trusted and usually offer a fair price. These shops are not necessarily the best-known shops around. They may be out-of-the-way places which are family owned or operated by their owners but be rest assured of the quality of their services.

Due to the fact that many large auto body shops have a lot of workers and have significantly higher overhead costs, they are very likely to inflate their bills to cover all their expenses. They will need to pay the front office staff, foremen and their managers. All this adds up to a significant amount of expenses, and this means that the customer gets the short end of the stick.

The best way to detect an overcharge is to visit other body shops and get their estimates. This gives one a good idea of the range of quotes for the repair. But the final decision shouldn’t be based solely on the cheapest quote.

Ask if the auto body shop has a business license and if they provide warranties. Most body shops provide at least a written one year warranty on all their repairs. Some may offer two or three years warranty on specific types of jobs. Be sure to ask if the shop provides such warranties before engaging their services. Also, the shop must be properly insured against fire, theft, and damages. This is to ensure proper coverage in the event of any contingencies. For more information on what to look for when choosing an auto body shop, please click here.

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