Should You Choose Wide Format Printing for Your Company?

Not long ago, office printers in Charlotte were simple, and they did a good job of printing text and standard images. In fact, there were few differences between a typical office printer and a personal printer. However, things have changed and many companies today have large print projects that call for wide format printing. In fact, it may be time for you to consider one of these machines.

What Does Wide Format Mean?

Large or grand format printing deals with print projects at least two feet in width. They are becoming very popular with businesses that want to save money and time by doing their own printing. They are perfect for large banners, decorations, and for creating illustrations and attractions for trade show booths. Just a few years ago, wide format printing equipment was very expensive, but today the costs are affordable for most businesses. Here are some of the benefits you can receive.

High-Quality Images

Standard printers can give you excellent printed images if they are less than the size of an 11-inch by 8-inch piece of paper. However, if you are printing banners or large brochures, the image quality may suffer a great deal with a typical office printer. Large format printers are specially made for wide format printing projects, so you get crisp and clear images even with large print jobs.


Do you need to print out a lot of posters for your business or organization? A standard printer may take a long time to print out just one-color poster with images. You may be lucky if you get 5 or 6 in an hour. Large format printers are faster, and some can give you as many as 15 posters in an hour. This can cut the time it takes to produce your project by days.

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