Choose Life With An Oklahoma Adoption

Choose Life With An Oklahoma Adoption

The dictionary defines a hero as someone who has courage or noble qualities and has performed an outstanding achievement. A soldier might say that it’s someone who does something extremely difficult, for the benefit of others. By anyone’s definition, a birth mother is a heroine.

A birth mother doesn’t feel like a heroine. She’s more likely to feel that she has done something wrong by becoming pregnant. She may have thought that if she ever had a baby, it would be within a loving relationship. That didn’t happen, for whatever reason. Now there’s a very hard choice to be made.

Life or Death?

A hero is faced with a life or death situation and chooses life. The decision to risk their own life to save someone from a burning building or in a combat situation is made in a split second. Within a few minutes, the incident is over.

A birth mother doesn’t have to make a life or death choice in a split second. Truthfully, it’s much harder to make a life or death decision when there’s a lot of time to think about it.

Adoption is the Hard Choice

Choosing life in difficult circumstances is the hard choice. It’s not easy to feel life growing, give birth and then give the child to someone else to raise as their own. It is not the right time for the birth mother to become a parent herself, but something very good can come out of an unplanned situation and a hard choice. There is no greater gift than life.

Services Available to a Birth Mother

Lilyfield can offer help to a Birth Mother in several ways.

  • Before making a final decision, call or email a counselor. Counseling is available for the birth mother’s parents and family members as well, as it is often difficult for them too.
  • Help with the services needed during pregnancy is available.
  • Loving, Christian parents who are waiting and hoping for a child, and willing to help with legal living expenses prior to an Oklahoma Adoption area
  • If the birth mother chooses to keep and raise her child, help is available in dealing with parenting issues and difficulties.

Lilyfield offers free adoption services to birth mothers. Call or visit their website to learn more before making a final decision. Adoption is a difficult, but honorable choice.

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