Why Choose Iron on Transfers for Your Apparel Business?

You have many choices when it comes to ways to embellish the apparel you sell. In fact there are so many types of apparel printing alternatives, you may feel a little overwhelmed. As you’re considering your options, be sure to take a look at iron on transfers.

Today’s iron on transfers, better known as heat transfers, are not like the traditional transfer that is actually applied using an at home iron. These transfers are essentially screen-printed designs applied to transfer paper. Then, as the vendor, you can apply these screen prints to apparel using your heat press.

There are several advantages to using heat transfers for your business.

1. Heat transfers allow you to apply a design to any type of apparel, on demand, for the customer. You can immediately create the end product when the customer orders. This prevents you from creating stock ahead of time that may never sell.
2. Heat transfers are durable. These heat transfers last much longer than the older transfers, resulting in a product of quality that you can be proud of.
3. You can design your own heat transfers. You can create your own unique designs and then have these made into heat transfers for you to apply, as needed, to apparel. These iron on transfers are inexpensive to have made and can travel with you anywhere, allowing you to create apparel on the go.
4. There is no waste. Because you keep your heat transfers separate from your inventory of apparel, you do not have to worry about being left with a significant amount of unsold items or designs.

Iron on transfers are a smart and practical way to do business. This method of creating apparel on demand can help you to reduce inventory, create unique designs, and always be ready to meet your customers’ needs.

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