Further Your Career in Industrial Design By Considering Graduate Degree Programs

Further Your Career in Industrial Design By Considering Graduate Degree Programs

If you already have an undergraduate degree in industrial design or a similar discipline, and you are interested in expanding your horizons, looking into graduate programs might be the next logical step. Because this discipline is becoming more popular, it’s likely that you have a lot of competition when it comes to jobs. You can help yourself get a better job in industrial design by getting into and completing a graduate program. This is only one of the benefits, though. Here are some more:

Better Education

If you have been in the industry for a while, going back to school to get your graduate degree will put you on a path for a better education. In all disciplines, and the industrial design industry is no exception, things are changing all of the time. So, to learn the latest techniques and technology, there is no better thing than a top of the line art school.


Another excellent benefit of going to pursue a graduate degree is networking. You will meet people in the industry, and thus, get to gain more contacts than you could ever get while simply staying in the same job. These networks can help you to meet other people in the industry who could not only teach you a thing or two, but whom you can use to bounce ideas off of, or even find work with in the future.

Great Equipment

Finally, you will find that you have access to better equipment when you choose to attend a graduate program. Though you might have good equipment at your current job, most of the time, a college will have the best equipment for their students to learn from.

If you want to further your education in industrial design, consider graduate programs at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Learn more at http://www.SAIC.edu.

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