Care Tips for Soft Contact Lenses

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Eye Care

Caring for soft contact lenses appears to be a daunting task that many people are becoming weary just at the thought of it. To the contrary, it is one of the cheapest and easiest tasks that one can offer the lenses in appreciation of the great relief and assistance they provide to the eyes. Basically, it’s just about cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting the Soft Contact Lenses on a regular basis so as to keep them in their best condition. Other care measures such as protein removal and caring for eye allergy and sensitivity, as well as eye dryness and irritation, should be carried out regularly if you need your contact lenses to serve for a long time. The clean, rinse and disinfect tips include:

Always wash and dry the hands before touching the lenses by way of removing or putting them on. The essence of doing this is to avoid transferring dirt to the lenses during cleaning which eventually lands in the eyes. Keep off moisturizing soaps since they don’t really work well with contact lenses.

Remove and clean one lens at a time using the recommended solution. The cleaning targets the removal of buildups from the eye, cosmetics as well as other debris that aren’t good for the eyes. Rubbing the lens in one’s palm using the appropriate solution is the safest way of getting the lens clean.

Rinsing of the lens ensures that the loosened debris is gotten rid off. Follow the provisions of the package so as to take the recommended time in the rinsing process.

The next procedure is to take the lens and place in a clean lens case and fill it with fresh solution. This is a disinfection procedure aimed at eliminating all the microorganisms found on the surface of the lens. The time taken in disinfecting the lens differs depending on the exact type of the product being used. Make sure to follow the specific guidelines.

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